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Tier on Tier Shutters: From Ordinary to Extra Ordinary!

Tier on tier shutters are a striking departure from the ordinary, offering a unique combination of style and versatility. At Two Guys, we’re excited to introduce our exclusive range of tier on tier shutters, designed to not only elevate your interior aesthetics but also provide unmatched control over light and privacy.

Embracing the Tiered Design:

Tier-on-tier shutters are distinguished by their two independently adjustable sections. The top and bottom panels operate separately, giving you the freedom to customize your view and lighting according to your preferences. Whether you want to enjoy an unobstructed view or maintain privacy without compromising on natural light, tier-on-tier shutters offer the perfect solution. 

Tier On Tier Shutters Dubai
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For Some, It’s All About Ease

Like Full Height style, the Tier on Tier style covers the entire opening of the window. As the name suggest, there is a bottom and top tier of panels, completely independent of each other, at a certain point in your window. By having separate panels on the top and bottom half of the window means you can open the whole one half of the shutter panels, while leaving the other half of the shutter panels closed against your windows. For example, you may completely open the top half allowing light to stream in, whilst keeping the bottom half closed to maintain privacy.

Versatility For Every Room

Embrace a new level of style and control with tier on tier shutters from Two Guys. Whether you seek to optimize natural light, privacy, or both, our tier on tier shutters offer an elegant and adaptable solution.

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