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Design your walls with some real artistic products!

Walls are the canvas of your living spaces, and at Two Guys, we believe in turning those canvases into breathtaking works of art through our wall decor services. Our curated selection of specialized paints, 3D walls, and designer wallpapers, including renowned brands like Versace, Lamborghini, and Carl Robinson, is here to redefine the aesthetics of your Dubai home.

Specialized Paints: Our specialized paints are more than just colors; they are expressions of sophistication and individuality. 

3D Walls: Step into the realm of architectural innovation with our 3D walls. These avant-garde creations introduce depth and dimension to your interiors, making your walls come alive. 

Designer Wallpapers: Our designer wallpapers from esteemed brands like Versace, Lamborghini, and Carl Robinson bring a touch of international luxury to your Dubai spaces. 

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Below are some examples from our extensive catalogue.


Wall Decor Products

Specialised paints

A luxurious finish that transforms your walls into statements of elegance

3D Walls

Explore a plethora of patterns, from classic to contemporary, and let your walls tell stories of opulence and refinement.


Our 3D walls blend seamlessly with various design styles, from minimalist to opulent.


Let us help you in selecting the best solutions for your walls.
Interior design

Turn Spaces into Havens of Sophistication

Let your walls become reflections of your personality and aspirations.

Discover how wall decor can transform your living spaces into works of art.

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