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Outdoor WPC Decking Flooring
Outdoor Decking Floors Designs
WPC Outdoor Decking
WPC Outdoor Decking In Dubai
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Outdoor WPC Decking Flooring In Dubai
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WPC Flooring & Decking – This stands for wood polymer composition. All our decking planks carry 65% wood, 30% Polymer and 5% binding. This gives the decking area a natural and long-lasting look like everything else in life you have a few options to select what you’re looking for. There are thicknesses, weights, and coated options. Available in grooved or 3D Patterns. Install WPC decking products that are engineered to withstand the challenging climate conditions of the UAE, offering long-lasting beauty and performance.

Decking Planks

We have 5 different types of decking planks, and all vary in weights. The more solid the board. The heavier it will be. Quality is still same throughout, and all carry  warranties ranging from 1 year to 10 years. There are 4 points involved in the decking scenario.

  1. The actual planks
  2. Accessories 60 AED SQM Clips, joists, profiles
  3. Installation 75 AED SQM
  4. L profiles if needed to finish off surrounds 45 AED per linear meter

You can call the sales team for a no-obligation quotation on (04) 252 2025 or fill out the online contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Below are some examples from our extensive catalogue.


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WPC Outdoor Decking In Dubai
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